5G all-in-one Helium miner? MNTD 5G coming soon...

June 17, 2022

With Helium expanding to offer rewards on 5G data transfer, options are limited in terms of hardware to buy. If you own a non-5G compatible Helium HNT miner (everything except the FreedomFi or Bobcat Bobber), you not only have to get one of those, but you have to get a separate CBRS antenna, and are looking at a price tag of at least $2500.00 OTD.

At the time of this publication, that's a lot to ask when the value of HNT has dropped so markedly due to the 2022 Crypto crash.

MNTD from RAKwireless has announced the launch of a forthcoming all-in-one 5G miner system called MNTD 5G. While pricing has not been released yet, here's to hoping this design brings a more affordable solution to the masses...

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