How to purchase new 4G service for your ALFA Tube-U4Gv2 or ALFA 4G Camp Pro kit

July 15, 2020

So you are ready to buy an ALFA 4G Camp Pro kit (coming soon) or ALFA Tube-U4Gv2 USB modem, but one question remains- how do you buy service from a compatible carrier?

It is very easy to do, but there could be some speedbumps along the way. To use one of the above devices with T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon, you need an ACTIVATED SIM card. You cannot activate a SIM card inside the ALFA device. So when you order and receive a new SIM from a compatible carrier, you will either need to activate with the carrier's customer service. Then the SIM can be taken out of the phone and inserted into the ALFA product.

To purchase a SIM, you can order a new line of postpaid or prepaid service from any of the carriers. We suggest one that has unlimited data, but pay attention to the fine print. With T-Mobile for example, you get unlimited data, but only the first 10GB comes at 4G LTE speed. After that, they throttle you to slower 3G speeds. According to Netflix Help, 10GB of data will allow you to stream about 10 hours of TV at standard definition, or just over 3 hours of TV at high definition.


Once you hit your limit and are throttled to 3G speeds, that will not be fast enough to stream video in most cases, but will still be fast enough for basic web browsing and email.

When you are purchasing a SIM and service plan, your carrier web page may ask you to verify your IMEI number. While the ALFA Tube does have an IMEI, you want to SKIP this step. Carriers want to prevent users from buying a SIM card for an incompatible phone, so they want to review your IMEI number to see if it is a phone they manufactured. Therefore when buying SIMs/service for an unlocked device or a 4G modem, entering the IMEI will trigger an error the device is not compatible. So skip this step in order to check out. Below we see what happens if you enter in an IMEI not in the T-Mobile database:


Instead, click this option to SKIP the IMEI verification process as demonstrated in this image:


If you are having trouble ordering new service for your ALFA Tube-U4Gv2, do not call your carrier's customer service first. Chances are, they will not be familiar with our product since it is not made by their company and they will incorrectly tell you it is not compatible. Instead, call one of our experienced US based support team members at 1 (667) ALFA-NET / (667) 253-2638 and we can walk you through the order process online to ensure you are getting a SIM and service that will work with your new ALFA 4G device.

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