Using the Mint Mobile $30 Unlimited 4G package with the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2+

September 25, 2020

Many have asked, and we have an official answer: yes, the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2+ 4G cellular data booster kit is compatible with the new Mint Mobile 4G Unlimited Data package for just $30 a month (also works with other Mint Mobile plans as well). This is huge for RVers who are looking for a reliable data plan at an affordable price.

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The ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2+ allows you to insert an active Mint Mobile SIM (also compatible with Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T) and boost your 4G data signal. That boost is shared as a private WiFi hotspot inside your RV that all of your devices can connect to to get Internet access.

Join us below as we jump over to YouTube to show you how to get your new Mint Mobile service activated and installed in your ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2+. You will need to have an unlocked GSM or Mint Mobile compatible phone to do the activation.

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