Want faster throughput and a VPN service all in one? Get Speedify

June 01, 2018

If you have followed our blog for some time, you may recall us mentioning Connectify, a software tool that allows you to create a hotspot on your computer and share a Wi-Fi connection. Now the company that makes Connectify has does it again with Speedify.

Speedify is an exciting new service that allows you to bond more than one Internet connection together to increase your Internet speed. For example, if you are using one of our Alfa Wi-Fi USB extenders to get better signal to a network, and you are in a location where your built-in Wi-Fi card still works, you can bond the connections together and essentially use them both at the same time.

From the Speedify web site:

"...The technology behind Speedify’s connection magic is called Channel Bonding. We combine multiple Internet connections – Wi-Fi, cellular, ethernet, etc. – to provide increased bandwidth, lower latency, and better reliability."

Speedify also includes VPN service which helps encrypt and protect your data even when you are connected to an open Wi-Fi connection. Rokland strongly recommends VPN service to all users of Alfa R36A and Alfa WiFi Camp Pro Kit 2.

*Rokland is not affiliated with Speedify and is not receiving any compensation for this post. We are writing about it simply because it could be of great benefit to many of our customers.

Speedify does have a free plan for low-bandwidth users and monthly and annual plans for those who use more data. Read more here.

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