We are closing our sister site ROKSPOTS.com

December 02, 2022

But don't worry, we aren't going anywhere!

Earlier in 2022, we launched ROKSPOTS.com with the goal of creating a separate web site for Helium miner sales. Given our main site Rokland.com offers so many different technology products, ROKSPOTS was our way of focusing a site entirely on Helium miners. 

We made the decision this December to discontinue distribution of Helium miners, and thus close the ROKSPOTS web site effective immediately. We believe strongly in the Helium project, but distribution is a business that requires large commitments of capital well in advance, and given the current state of the crypto market, distributing miners for the foreseeable future was not a viable option.

We continue to be involved in Helium 5G hardware distribution via our partner, CalChip Connect. You can order FreedomFi and Helium 5G gateways and CBRS antennas directly from their site.

What this means for you:

If you purchased anything from our ROKSPOTS.com web site, any support or order related inquiries will be taken care of through Rokland.com. Simply visit our Rokland contact page and reach out to us with your ROKSPOTS order number. Warranties remain in effect and will be handled through Rokland.

What this means for us long term:

We continue to be excited about the Helium project and are very excited about other technologies we offer as well, including Meshtastic gear, ALFA Network WiFi boosters, RAK IoT hardware, and much more. We will continue to work with manufacturers of Helium and IoT hardware going forward and may be offering new products of this nature down the road, via our Rokland.com web site. If you have any questions, let us know.

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