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RAK Helium Developer Kit - Support Helium Regions EU868, AU915, US915, AS923


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Please Read: 
This WisBlock kit is used to create sensors (node) to join the Helium Network for data transfer, but this kit is NOT for HNT mining.

Note: If a non-rechargeable battery is used with WisBlock Base Board it has to be unplugged before connecting the USB cable to the port on the board in order to configure the device. Not doing so might damage the battery and cause damage to the battery and board.

Product Description

Support Helium Regions EU868, AU915, US915, AS923
WISBLOCK Documentation

Pricing note: Rokland is a Gold Level distributor for RAKwireless. When comparing to price on RAK web site, RAK price is not inclusive of shipping to USA or 25% import tariffs. Rokland's price includes shipping and there is no added tariff. 

For the Helium Developer Kit we took our motto, IoT Made Easy, to heart. We start with our robust core combining the latest in LoRa® technology with one of the most prolific Nordic microcontrollers incorporating Bluetooth, giving all you need to explore - or bridge - the leading global standards for low power wireless IoT. We then pack our select range of Wisblock sensor modules, ranging for GPS/GNSS, environmental and even sound sensing. These modules can be combined into an almost unlimited number of solutions for the Helium network ranging from smart tracking devices, air quality, industrial control and even sound+motion detection through machine learning.

Unlike our previous offering, this kit doubles the number of starter blocks. Developers can thus create two fully functioning sensor nodes to try different ideas or to complement each other. We add everything you need to design, test, and remodel your ideas with this incredible tool - we even added a professional screwdriver to tighten everything down.

Beyond the hardware what makes this kit unique are also the step by step installation guides, code examples for all sensors and the amazing projects already shared by the community. You will literally Click, Code and Connect your solution to Helium, the world's largest permissionless IoT network. Plus you’ll always find help in our Discord and Forum communities, 24/7.

Finally being based on Wisblock modular system means your device will always look good to your potential customers, from single digit prototypes to 1000 of units. The modularity means you can scale up production, offer variations, or customize modules without redesigning your other tried and tested components.

Product Features

All you need to bring a product from prototyping to production is included. The kit features13 different WisBlock Wireless, Interface, and Sensor modules to address potential applications in environmental monitoring, agricultural automation, asset tracking, etc. In addition to the Cores, Bases, Wireless, Interface, and Sensor modules there are also antennas provided, together with a screwdriver specifically chosen to make mounting the modules simple and straightforward.

Click your choice of WisBlock modules together, code your solution using our intuitive tools and example and finally connect it to the Helium Network where you can observe your data in real-time and integrate it with 3rd party platforms to analyze and visualize your IoT system. Take the next step in your product development with WisBlock and Helium.


Bundle Components

  • WisBlock Base
    • 1pc RAK5005 | WisBlock Base Board
      1pc RAK19007
  • WisBlock Core
    • 2pc RAK4630 | WisBlock LPWAN Module
  • WisBlock Sensor
    • 1pc RAK1901 | WisBlock Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    • 1pc RAK1902 | WisBlock Barometer Pressure Sensor
    • 1pc RAK1903 | WisBlock Ambient Light Sensor
    • 1pc RAK1904 | WisBlock 3-axis Acceleration Sensor
    • 1pc RAK1906 | WisBlock Environmental Sensor
    • 1pc RAK1920 | WisBlock GNSS Location Module
    • 1pc RAK18000 | WisBlock PDM Stereo Microphone Module
  • WisBlock Interface
    • 1pc RAK1920 | WisBlock Sensor Adapter Module
    • 1pc RAK5801 | WisBlock 4-20mA Interface Module
    • 1pc RAK5802 | WisBlock RS485 Interface Module
    • 1pc RAK5804 | WisBlock Interface Extension Module
    • 1pc RAK5811 | WisBlock 0-5V Interface Module
  • WisBlock Wireless
    • 1pc RAK2305 | WisBlock WiFi Interface Module
    • 2pcs LoRa® Antenna (2pcs 902-928Mhz | 2pcs 863-870Mhz)
    • 2pcs BLE Antenna
    • GPS Antenna
  • Manual Screwdriver


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