ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 Full Version- Advanced Warranty Protection- 1 year


This Advanced Warranty Protection option is only available for new ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 kits purchased on and must be purchased at the same time as your ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 kit or within 30 days after purchase date. Valid only for units purchased in the United States. This Advanced Warranty Protection cannot be purchased for ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 kits purchased elsewhere and your purchase price will be refunded if our staff determines you do not qualify for protection.


Goes beyond factory warranty by covering accidental damage
Free shipping both ways on warranty shipments
Get full Advanced Warranty price credited off the purchase of any next generation ALFA Camp system for up to 1 year
Covered for all 50 US States. Not valid for products shipped to other countries

Rokland's special Advanced Warranty Protection for ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 is a 1-year program that offers you additional protection and bonus features that do not come with the standard manufacturer's 1-year warranty.

Get your entire Advanced Warranty Protection payment credited off the purchase of a next generation ALFA Camp system for up to 1 year

Technology moves fast. Worried about buying an ALFA Camp system now, only to see a newer version available in nine months? With our Advanced Warranty Program, get full advertised coverage for 1 year after purchase date. Plus, as a bonus, if you choose to upgrade to a newer ALFA Camp system within the same 1-year period, your full Advanced Warranty Plan purchase price will be credited off the price of your new system, so you essentially pay NOTHING for the protection program.

Additional Features:

With the basic manufacturer's warranty, you are covered only against manufacturer's defects in parts or labor. This does not cover accidental damage from handling, extreme weather damage (such as lightning strike or power surge). You are also responsible for return shipping cost of any part in question.

Rokland's special Advanced Warranty Protection for 1 year entitles you to prepaid shipping both ways for any warranty action. It also provides coverage for any reason, including accidental damage (product fell from RV, antenna damaged by tree limb, power surge, etc). The replacement limit is up to the cost of 1 new ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 kit, which means your Advanced Warranty Protection for 1 year will not cover multiple replacements of the same part.

Our Advanced Warranty Protection does not cover against loss or theft. You must still possess the damaged or malfunctioning part in question in order to receive warranty action. Our Advanced Warranty Protection does not extend your warranty by an additional year. It runs concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty and provides additional coverage and prepaid warranty shipping as outlined above. 

Warranty & Support:
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Return Policy: This item can be returned for refund within 30 days of receipt. Because range can vary greatly based on your environment, if you are not sure a particular product will meet your range needs please contact us before buying. Orders with free shipping selected will incur a 10% restocking fee to help us cover the original shipping cost unless the item is defective or different from the advertisement. Any expedited shipping charges paid, including return shipping, are non-refundable. Items must be returned the way they were received, in new or like-new condition, with all pieces, documentation, and retail packaging (if applicable) included. For bulk purchases, see our bulk purchase return policy here.