Alfa AjoinT2 Data Connection & KVM Docking Cable for Microsoft Surface Pro 2, 3, 4, Windows Tablet, Laptop PC


Introducing Alfa AjoinT2, a versatile USB male to USB male data connection and docking cable for Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface Pro, and other Microsoft Windows laptops, desktops and tablets.

AjoinT2 allows you to directly connect your Microsoft Surface Pro 2, 3, or 4 to a computer for easy data and file transfer between your tablet and your primary computer. It can work between any two computers and also offers KVM functionality so if desired you can control two devices with one keyboard and mouse.

No more fumbling with USB flash drives in your office or on the road

We've all been there- you need to simply copy a file from your Surface Pro to your PC, so you grab a thumb drive, and drag and drop, then eject, then move the drive to your PC and repeat. But you need to make some changes, so back you go to ejecting the drive, moving it to the tablet, etc. With our special data cable, you can transfer files between your tablet and PC instantly, with no need to eject and move a thumb drive back and forth

Perfect for file transfer where there's no Internet connection