Type F to RP-SMA coaxial connector kit for RV/Alfa WiFi Camp Pro Mini to Yagi antenna

This is a special conversion package for RV owners looking to hook up an RP-SMA Yagi WiFi antenna or other RP-SMA style Wi-Fi antenna using the coaxial ports (type-F) that may be preinstalled on your RV. If you are trying to convert an RP-SMA antenna hookup on an Alfa USB WiFi receiver to a RP-SMA antenna over type-F coaxial, this is what you need. If you own the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini and are trying to connect the interior AWUS036NH receiver to an exterior RP-SMA Yagi antenna over coaxial parts, this is what you need.
This kit will not fill all RVs. If your RV has Type-F female coaxial ports on the inside and outside for running cables, this conversion kit will convert the interior to RP-SMA male using an 8 inch pigtail, and will convert the outside to RP-SMA female using a Type-F male to RP-SMA female barrel converter.

Quantity: 1 Pc 8 inch pigtail RP-SMA male to Type-F Male
Quantity: 1 Pc barrel converter RP-SMA female to Type-F Male

Package includes:

Items as shown. Note the barrel converter is shown in our main image twice so you can see both sides of it (type-F male side and RP-SMA female side). The 8 inch pigtail with type-F male side and RP-SMA male side) is shown in the picture once. Any questions, please message before buying to ensure you get the correct part.