ALFA AHPE305 2-pack Powerline AV Ethernet Bridge Adapters 200 mbps


Alfa AHPE305 is a 200 mbps powerline Ethernet bridge. This is a 2-pack. Fantastic performance, yet you can get brand new bridges for cheaper than the competition’s refurbished ones. This is for one 2-pack (2 bridges and 2 Ethernet cables).

If you have been struggling trying to set up a Wi-Fi network in your home, or you have a device such as a Roku 2 XS, TiVo Series3 or TiVo Premiere DVR or Apple Macintosh which can’t go wireless without an expensive proprietary product, these powerline Ethernet bridges from Alfa Networks may be just what you need.

Powerline bridges allow you to use your home’s power lines to send and receive data. The data runs on a different frequency compared to electricity, so it does not interfere with any appliances or electronic devices in your home. Installation is a breeze- it’s the true definition of “plug and play”. These will work in your home as long as you have a network router with an available Ethernet port, and the device you want to connect to the network also has an Ethernet port (almost all of today’s Wi-Fi routers have 2 or 4 Ethernet ports on them, but the router does not need to be Wi-Fi capable, it just needs to have 1 available Ethernet port).

These feature blazing fast throughput up to 200 mbps, and because there is no risk of interference or obstacles getting in the way, the actual throughput is often faster than 300 mbps 802.11n wireless networking!

Setup is so easy. This package includes 2 powerline bridges, and 2 Ethernet cables. Simply plug one bridge into a normal wall AC outlet near your router, and use 1 Ethernet cable to go between the bridge and the router. Then plug the second bridge into another outlet near the device you want to connect to your network. Then run 1 Ethernet cable from this bridge into the device, and turn the device on. It would be exactly as if you had one ultra-long Ethernet cable running across your house from the device to the router, except you won’t have to do that!

Examples of use:              

  1. Easily connect an Ethernet-enabled DVR to the Internet. Did you spend the last two weeks searching for an over-priced Wi-Fi adapter that is one of two models compatible with your DVR, only to get it and find out your TV is too far from your Wi-Fi router to get a good signal? With Alfa powerline bridges, all you need to do is plug a bridge in near your router and then connect an included Ethernet cable from the bridge to the router, then connect the second bridge to a wall outlet by your DVR, and connect an included Ethernet cable between the bridge and the DVR. Then your done- you’ll be streaming content from Amazon, Netflix, or YouTube faster than you can watch it with the ultra-fast 200 mbps max transfer rate!
  2. Easily connect multiple Mac and PC computers in your home to the Internet without worrying about what model Wi-Fi adapters will be compatible with your different operating systems. Because powerline bridges basically simulate a long Ethernet cable, the operating system you have does not matter. As long as your computer has an Ethernet port that could normally be connected to a router with an Ethernet cable, then you are good to go. You can have up to 64 of these in total (1 master unit connected to the router, and 63 units connected to devices). Okay now most of us don’t have anywhere near that number of computers or Ethernet-enabled devices at home, but it’s nice to know that we can have almost as many as we want, and easily connect them to the Internet.

This comes with everything you need to get up and running- 2 powerline bridges and 2 Ethernet cables.