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LILYGO® TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam V1.2 ESP32 LoRa 915 Mhz Wireless Module WiFi GPS NEO-6M With OLED Display (Not Soldered) for Arduino Q398 + L206


Note: OLED is not soldered to T-BEAM
This is an update to previous version Q202 + L206. Q398 is the newer version of Q202 board, v 1.2.

  • ESP32 - Wifi & Bluetooth
  • SX1276 - LoRa Transceiver
  • Frequency:
    • 915 MHz
  • NEO-6M - GPS receiver
  • U.FL antenna connector
  • Power, Program and Reset switches
  • Screen sold separately
  • Firmware file: firmware-tbeam-1.x.x.bin

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Customer Reviews

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Alan Frost
Excellent product!

Easy to update and configure with meshtastic :)
See everyone at DEFCON:)

It is a real project but works

Have 21 of these beauties, a few are Q349s but soldering is ok. No different than any other radio, line of sight is king, power is queen, frequency yields propagation. Well these things suffer on all counts. The key to performance is elevation. Mounting in a little Plano tackle box with 2.6dbi external antenna and running it up with paracord and carabineers is a way to solve it. You just have to have enough of them to cycle them up and down the pole as the battery gets weak in order to maintain a relay function to support the short-range guys on the net. Hanging one from the balcony of a high rise, water tower ladder, or big flagpole is my next range test, later.

Ivan Diaz
Great shipping time

Fast shipping and great quality products. It's been good to find a vendor who can reasonably deliver.