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ALFA UBDo-nt8 Outdoor Wi-Fi USB kit & 12 dBi antenna


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ALFA Network's UBDo-nt8 is an excellent choice for an outdoor weather resistant Wi-Fi USB client. It features a 150 mbps 802.11n wireless receiver built into an outdoor weather resistant casing. It contains two mast-o ring mounting rings and a 8 meter (~24 feet) USB cable.

The Ralink RT3070 chipset inside this device is the same chipset that is in the popular AWUS036NH 802.11n USB adapter. In many ways, this is exactly like getting the AWUS036NH adapter inside an expensive outdoor weather resistant casing. The primary difference though is that this device does not have an external antenna connector. Instead it comes with an integrated 12 dBi gain directional panel antenna.

More about the integrated 12 dBi gain directional antenna: Please keep in mind that because it is directional, you want to set it up to point in the general direction of the access point to which you want to connect. It is easy to mount and unmount the adapter if you need to change the placement of it on your RV or truck. Directional antennas are able to concentrate gain better in the particular direction in which they are pointed, resulting in better signal to the access points in that direction compared to an omni-directional antenna of the same gain. However they will pick up fewer access points in total compared to an omni of the same gain since they do not pick up from all directions.

More about the product: This is brand new in retail box. The Wi-Fi adapter is integrated into the outdoor casing, along with the antenna. So there are few parts to take with you. You will get the unit itself, which is the outdoor casing with built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi radio and 12 dBi gain antenna, a 8m USB cable (has mini connector on the end that plugs into the unit), 2 mast-o mounting rings, and software CD-ROM.

Additional product features:
· Supports wireless data encryption with 64/128-bit WEP, WPA (TKIP with IEEE 802.1x) and AES functions
· This is the version with integrated 12 dBi directional panel antenna, not the version with the external antenna connector (external connector version has no integrated antenna FYI)
· Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 (Windows 8 drivers available for download here).

FAQ- some common questions about ALFA UBDo-nt8:

Is this device waterproof?
-This device is weather resistant, but not completely waterproof. In other words, if you have this mounted on your RV and it rains some, it will be fine. But if it falls off your boat into the ocean, it may not be okay. You can leave this outside for extended periods of time, but because it is an electronic item, we recommend bringing it indoors when it is convenient, and not exposing it to long periods of extreme heat or cold.

I pick up more signals using another product that has an omni-directional antenna of the same gain, but UBDo-nt8 gets better signal to some of them (and also worse to some), why?
-This product has a directional antenna. This concentrates gain in a particular direction for better range and signal in that direction. While it can pick up signals that are in the opposite direction, the distance will not be long, and the range to those signals will be weak. An omni directional of the same gain will pick up more signals total. But this antenna will give you better signal strength to signals in the direction in which it is pointed.

Warranty & Support:
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Really works

I wanted to get rid of my cable company but didn't want to live in McDonalds or the library. I bought this adapter because it is the most powerful allowed by FCC regulations. 2 full watts on 2.5 gig.

I canceled my cable internet and its outrageous price tag and set this adapter up inside my house. It is my computer room and my friends house is 500' across the street up on a hill. I have a lot of vegetation on my property as I live in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains. I check her output and it is 600mw.

When the weather is good, no wind or rain my signal strength is between 75 - 87% but on a bad a day it is about 52 - 62%. My speed is around 7 meg. Good enough for me for free.

Honestly, I do recommend this adaper.

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