USB Power Boost Pack: Dual Y cable connector + USB amplifier


This is a special kit containing a 1-to-2 USB Y cable converter, allowing you to hook a single USB extension cable up to two USB ports to provide additional power over the length of the cable. A USB amplifier for the main connector is also included (hook the amplifier between the computer's USB port and the primary data/power connector of the Y cable if it is needed).

With USB cables, you lose some power over distance. The total power to the USB adapter/device you are using with the cable also depends on the power draw of the device. Standard USB 2.0 ports output 500 mA of power. Devices that draw close to this may not get full power when used with USB extension cables, or USB cables longer than 5 feet.

The USB Y-cable has a USB female connector on one end, and the other end has 2 male connectors designed to be connected to the computer. The one with two cables coming out of it is the primary data/power connector, and the one looping off of it is a power-only connector.

The blue amplifier can be used with the dual Y cable or with a regular USB cable. It contains a circuit similar to those found in a USB active repeater cable, to help provide full power over a USB cable.

Recommended use: Use this equipment if your USB cable is too long and your device is not getting any power, or not getting full power from your computer. If you hear a USB recognition beep chiming on and off when your device is connected, as if you are plugging and unplugging the device but you really are not, this could also resolve your problem.

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