16 dBi Gain Outdoor Yagi Wi-Fi Directional Antenna - 2.4 GHz w/ RP-SMA Male Connector


This is a 16 dBi gain directional yagi antenna. It comes with mounting equipment as shown. This antenna is ideal for outdoor mounting and includes the 3ft LMR-195 short built-in cable with RP-SMA male antenna connector. 

Directional antennas concentrate gain in one particular direction and can do a better job at piercing obstacles in a particular direction, providing you with better distance and signal. A directional antenna does not need to be pointed in the precise direction of a signal, just in the general direction. This illustration demonstrates the proper way to mount a yagi directional antenna. Note that the antenna can also be mounted in the same outward direction but so the lobes are parallel to the ground. You do not want to have the antenna pointing directly upward or downward though, as that will negatively impact performance.

Because of the way these antennas are designed, we do not recommend using them indoors. The yagi antenna should have some open area between it and the very first obstacle between the antenna and the source AP. If you place the yagi right up against an obstacle, that will also negatively impact performance. A trial-and-error process may be necessary to determine the optimal location and position.

Standard: 2.4 GHz standard (802.11g/n compatible)
Input impedance: 50 OHMs
Max power: 50 W
Interface: RP-SMA Male
Gain: 16 dBi
Bandwidth: 100 MHz
Frequency range: 2400~2500 MHz

Frequently Asked Questions about outdoor Yagi 16 dBi gain RP-SMA antenna:

1. I just hooked this up to the WiFi adapter by my computer, and I see fewer networks than my factory 5 dBi antenna that came with my WiFi adapter. Is my antenna defective?

There are two issues at play here. One is that your factory antenna is omni directional, while this antenna is directional. This means this antenna will concentrate gain in the direction in which is pointed, resulting in better range and signal in that direction. While it can pick up from other directions in which it is not pointed, the distance will be limited and signals will be weak. Your factory omni may pick up more total Aps, but this antenna should pick up stronger signals in the direction it is pointed. The other issue has to do with positioning. Using this antenna indoors on your desk pointed out a window is not an optimal place to have it. This was designed to be mounted outdoors in a very open area. Not only will this give you the added benefit of not having your building walls as an obstacle to the connection, it will also allow the antenna to perform much better as well.

2. Is this weatherproof?

It is weather resistant. It can be used outdoors and exposed to some elements. We do not recommend long term exposure to extreme temperatures, or immersion in water. We do recommend RokTape to seal all outdoor connection points. 

3. On an auction website I saw a Yagi advertised as 20 dBi gain coming from Hong Kong cheaper than this one, what gives?

Gain is commonly inflated by sellers because it cannot be easily measured by end users. This is why you can get a "18 dBi gain" dipole antenna on some auction web sites that is the same size as a 7 dBi dipole antenna for just $4.00 from Hong Kong sellers. When it comes to any type of Wi-Fi device, the reputation of the seller matters a great deal. Before you take the plunge on a Wi-Fi kit showing a Wi-Fi adapter with "4000mW" of output power and a dipole antenna with "24 dBi gain" all for $20.00, remember you get what you pay for. Our antennas are carefully built and tested to specs and our advertisements include only correct specs.

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Good product. Installed it at my camper and receiving signals over 100 yards. I am recommending this product.

Satisfactory performance of this kit

Was fairly easy to install-was a little bit confused with the utility CD options but it is now working good. For my situation I probably would do well with antenna of greater Dbi (16) signal I'm receiving is weak. I'm happy that it's working...also,
ROKLAND did excellent in VERY FAST shipping! Thanks!

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