August 19, 2022

How to transfer a Helium hotspot to a new owner

As the Helium network continues its build-up process, you may find you have miners you no longer need due to crowding in your hex, or you have another reason for selling or giving away a Helium hotspot that has been used. The good news is that transferring ownership is easy.

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August 02, 2022

Windows 11 and ALFA Network WiFi Adapters

Many ALFA Network USB Wi-Fi boosters are Windows 11 compatible. In fact, they are plug and play in many cases with no drivers necessary. Read more...

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July 26, 2022

New Product: RAK WisNode TrackIt Location Tracker using GPS & LoRaWAN

New this month to our collection of RAK products is the new RAK WisNode series TrackIt 2-pack. These devices allow you to track devices, people, pets, and more using GPS and LoRaWAN networks like Helium.

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