Alfa R36 Support Center

Welcome to our Alfa R36 support center. Here you can view troubleshooting documents and download new firmware.

If you have the new R36A, then none of the links below will apply. Instead, you can view the R36A setup guide here.

Alfa R36 Help Files
Alfa R36 (data sheet)
Alfa R36 (full user manual)
Alfa R36 (New 3G support list)
Alfa R36 (Resolve IP Conflict Guide)
Alfa R36 (one-sheet setup instructions)
Alfa R36 (optimizing speed)

Alfa R36 Firmware Downloads

R36 in Camp Pro Kit firmware vCo-2.29(7/12/2017)<<Latest Version

Legacy firmware (older versions):

R36 router firmware (AWUS036NH/NHR.TubeN 12/2016 release)
R36 router firmware (AWUS036NHV)
R36 router firmware (AWUS036NH/NHR/TubeN 9/2013 legacy release)
R36 router firmware (AWUS036H/TubeG firmware version)
R36 in Camp Pro Kit firmware (v

Alfa R36 Firmware Update Guide & Video Tutorial

R36 firmware update guide
R36 firmware update video tutorial