Since we launched our Helium antenna and cable line in March of 2021, we have helped tens of thousands of Helium miner operators grow their witness list and gain more HNT. As we help build #ThePeoplesNetwork, we are in a great position to report on Helium network and miner related issues. For a live status look at the Helium network and blockchain, you can visit Our phone and chat support teams will also track any additional known issues on this page, such as Bobcat owners reporting a sudden drop in HNT on a given day, or general reports from our users of problems seeing witnesses, etc. A popup will appear on site entry during the time of any current issues.

We have decided to discontinue updates to this page as of July 14, 2022. When we launched this status page in the fall of 2021, due to the high level of onboarding, our team was able to catch and report Helium network issues, and miner specific issues, that were not already public at In current times, this page has become redundant and has just been a mirror for the official Helium status page.