Since we launched our Helium antenna and cable line in March of 2021, we have helped tens of thousands of Helium miner operators grow their witness list and gain more HNT. As we help build #ThePeoplesNetwork, we are in a great position to report on Helium network and miner related issues. For a live status look at the Helium network and blockchain, you can visit Our phone and chat support teams will also track any additional known issues on this page, such as Bobcat owners reporting a sudden drop in HNT on a given day, or general reports from our users of problems seeing witnesses, etc. A popup will appear on site entry during the time of any current issues.

Current issues: no known issues

Past issues:

Posted Mar 8 many users are reporting a drop it witnesses and earnings since March 6th. We have corroborated this with our own miners. In the example below you can see a steep drop in earnings despite no changes being made to the antenna or the location. If you have installed an antenna in the last 48 hours and seen rewards decrease, it is likely because of this known network issue.

Posted Feb 7:#1 Blockchain Halted @ Block 1215286 Identified - Rather than issuing a Rescue Block, the team would like all Validators currently in the Consensus Group to come online and issue a command on their Validator. Please join us in Discord ( on the #validator channel for more instructions. Feb 7, 10:55 UTC Update - The Validator community continues to monitor the Consensus Group as it tries to agree upon a block. Once this is completed, the core developers will prepare a chain variable to address the State Channel issue that may be affecting the blockchain. Although we are prepared to issue a Rescue block, we are hoping to avoid doing this as Data Transfer continues to be unaffected. Other transactions (including Hotspot onboarding, Payments, and Proof of Coverage) remain degraded at this time. Feb 7, 09:08 UTC Update - We are continuing to monitor the Consensus Group. It is making slow progress but has not produced a block yet. Feb 7, 07:48 UTC Update - The Consensus Group is still struggling to produce the next block with transactions and, as a result, the chain remains halted. #2 Console interface may not display accurate device event information As the network coverage and usage continue to scale, the number of events that need to be processed by the Console database has ballooned. Due to this explosion in traffic, the Console event log may not accurately display event information due to exhausting database connections and then the inability to update events on the user interface. Important: this does not impact data transfer and only causes Console display issues. The team has been testing an upgrade and we will push this to the Staging server this week with an expected release next Thursday 02/10. Posted 1 day ago. Feb 03, 2022 - 22:00 UTC

Posted Nov 20: the Helium network is again experiencing a major outage with the blockchain down. This has resulted in no HNT earnings and other issues, including the inability to add new hotspots. Miners who are seeing no activity on their hotspot should not be alarmed as Helium is investigating. Tune to for more immediate information. Additionally, Discovery Mode is unavailable and older hotspots may be unable to mine.

Posted Nov 15: The Helium blockchain is down causing most all miners to experience no earnings and other issues.

Posted Oct 26 1:48PM EST a database restoration issue has been completed- this issue has caused some accessibility issues on the Helium map and other issues. 

Posted Oct 24 8:43PM EST though not currently listed as an issue on the Helium status page, users on Reddit have reported their hotspots disappearing from the Helium app and showing zero balance. Rokland has been able to reproduce this locally in Gainesville FL. -update 9:12PM EST changing the API in Helium app appears to bring miners back in test situation

Posted Oct 23 Users have reported sluggish and intermittent behavior in Helium Explorer and Helium App. This is a known issue already referenced on Investigating - Something is currently overloading the API databases and diminishing the user experience in explorer and the helium phone apps. We are investigating and searching for this rogue process. Oct 23, 18:56 UTC

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