802.11n Wi-Fi USB adapter w/ RP-SMA port for Raspberry PI & Linux

Do you need Wi-Fi for your Pi? Our 802.11n USB Wi-Fi dongle with RP-SMA port and detachable 2 dBi gain antenna is just what you need.
  • Approved for the Raspberry Pi Model A, B, B+, Pi 2, and Pi Zero (ALL Models) Supports packet injection for ethical hacking projects (aircrack, Wireshark)
  • Great signal - 2dBi antenna gain. 2.4Ghz/N certified. Easy to follow step by step getting started instructions included for Wheezy OS, Raspbmc and OpenELEC
  • Plug and play (no software installation needed) with Wheezy, Raspbmc, OpenElec XBMC/KODI, OSMC, Xbian, Jessie, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Pidora, Snappy Ubuntu + other distros.
  • Uses RT5370 chipset which works well with and is approved for ALL Raspberry Pi models.
  • Uses small amount of power; no powered USB hub required. Adapter has female SMA connector / detachable antenna
This product is also compatible with Mac OS 10.7 and newer as well as Microsoft Windows Vista and newer. Mac and Windows software comes on mini CD-ROM, only compatible with tray-loading CD drives, do not use in slot drives.