Alfa APA-M252706 6 dBi 2.5 GHz panel antenna & base for Clear Hub Express

Alfa APA-M252706, a 6 dBi gain directional outdoor panel antenna with RP-SMA male connector is compatible with 2500-2700 MHz WiMax providers like Clear. This is compatible with Clear receivers that have an RP-SMA antenna port like the Clear Hub Express.

This sale comes with the antenna and a magnetic docking base which has a 3-foot cable built in. A directional antenna concentrates its gain all in the direction it is aimed. It will do a better job piercing obstacles and interference in that direction. Contact your WiMax provider for information on which direction to aim the antenna. Note that a higher gain antenna may not increase your WiMax signal in all environments. Clear recommends only using external antennas when your CINR is 8 or less.

Important details on what this antenna does, and what type of improvement to expect:

This external antenna has a comparable gain to the Clear Hub Express internal antenna. If your Clear modem is already near a window, it is unlikely to boost reception. This antenna is useful if your internal antenna has malfunctioned, or by using the base and 3-foot cable that come with this antenna you can put the antenna closer to a window, or around an obstacle that is currently in the way of your Clear Hub Express. When you connect this to your Clear Hub, be sure to flip the switch on your hub to activate the external antenna port. In our testing near a window, our average CINR with an internal antenna was 8-12, and with this antenna it would fluctuate between 10 and 14. With the Clear Hub put further away from the window, the CINR dropped from 5-8 and stayed at 10-14 with this antenna next to the same window. Our customers' experiences have varied based on environment with some seeing little to no change and others seeing very visible signal increases. If you are looking for a more marked improvement, please see our 15 dBi gain outdoor antenna for WiMax here.

NOTE: This is not a WiFi antenna. Alfa does make an antenna that looks just like this for WiFi. We do carry that WiFi version if you need it, just click here. WiFi runs on the 2400 MHz band (2.4 GHz), while WiMax operates on 2.5 to 2.7 GHz instead. Providers like Clear use the 2500-2700 MHz band range (2.5-2.7 GHz). Check with your WiMax provider to make sure they use this band range prior to ordering. When shopping for a WiMax antenna be sure to check the specs for the band range. Sometimes WiFi antennas may be improperly listed as WiMax compatible, but if they are only 2.4 GHz antennas then this means they will only work with WiFi and not WiMax.

        Light weight
        Designed for indoor use
        Includes magnetic docking base with 3-foot cable

        2.5 - 2.7 GHz band (2500-2700 MHz)
        WiMax/Clear compatible

Return Policy: This item can be returned within 30 days from receipt. Because Clear/WiMax service can vary based on location, a 15% restocking fee will apply on this antenna if it is returned for a non-defective reason. This is to cover the original postage/shipping cost of the order which is included in the item price. The only exception will be if the item is defective. Please note that any additional shipping charges paid, including return shipping, are never refundable.