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ALFA AWUS036NEH 802.11n WIRELESS-N USB Wi-Fi adapter


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Discontinued, please see AWUS036ACHM for newer dual band alternative. Note that AWUS036NEH uses Mediatek RT3070 chip, a discontinued chip that is no longer available in any ALFA adapter. 

ALFA AWUS036NEH is an 802.11n wireless Wi-Fi USB adapter with a maximum output power of 1 watt (that's 1000 mW). ALFA Network has become one of the leading wireless networking manufacturers in the world, producing products that get longer ranges than well-known brands such as Netgear, Linksys, and D-Link. This is a single band (2.4 GHz) 1T1R 802.11n adapter with maximum transfer speeds of 150 megabits per second (Mbps). This is for one brand new (in retail box) AWUS036NEH wireless adapter with 5 dBi gain antenna. Also included in the retail box is the installation software on CD. This model connects directly to the computer without using a cable and has a smaller form factor.

The AWUS036NEH hooks up to any computer that has a USB port and one of the compatible operating systems listed above. It allows you to get a long ranges and 802.11n connectivity. It is perfect for netbooks, laptops, and desktops. It features an external RP-SMA connector which is a must have for RVers or boaters that need a high powered USB Wi-Fi receiver to connect to a high gain outdoor antenna they already own or plan to buy.

* Compatible with IEEE 802.11n, 802.11b/g/n wireless standards
* 2.4GHz frequency band, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)
* Complies with Universal Serial Bus Rev. 2.0 specifications
* High speed transfer TX data rate up to 150 Mbps
* Supports WPS by S/W
* Supports wireless data encryption with 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES
* Wide Range coverage
* Compliant with FCC Part 15.247 for US, ETS 300 328 for Europe
* Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10

- IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard
- USB 2.0 standard
- Up to 150Mbps for 802.11n connections
- Frequency Range: 2.412~2.483 GHz
- Receive sensitivity 11b: -92dBm, 11g: -76dBm, 11n: -73dBm@HT20, -70dBm@HT40

FAQ- some common questions about ALFA AWUS036NEH 1000mW USB adapter w/ 5 dBi antenna kit:
Can I manually adjust the output power?
-Output power is controlled internally by the adapter. It is not user adjustable. Though you may find a utility that lets you tinker with that, it is not recommended.

Since this has 1000mW output, it will have the longest range and stronger signals than any other product with lesser power, right?
-Sometimes retailers have a tendency to promote a specific attribute of a product as if it is the only thing that matters. In fact, while higher output is a good thing, it is not the only thing that determines your range and signal strength. Also, the 1000mW number is a maximum number, not a typical operating number. For normal users, output power will not exceed come near 1000mW. Some users may expect that because this has 1000mW of max output, this product will have the same exact range of ALFA's 1-watt AWUS036H. This is not the case. Please see the paragraph above this FAQ box for a comparison of this item and ALFA's AWUS036H 802.11g product.

How far away can I pick up signals with this?
-For this question there is no exact answer. Wireless range is an imperfect science. The range you get with any adapter will vary markedly depending on the strength and quality of the wireless access point being used, as well as obstacles and interference in the area. Keep in mind that interference can often be invisible. If you are trying to pick up signals from far away, and are not sure this will give you enough range, please contact us with details about your situation and we may be able to offer an opinion.

Warranty & Support:
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Return Policy: This item can be returned for refund within 30 days of receipt. Because range can vary greatly based on your environment, if you are not sure a particular product will meet your range needs please contact us before buying. Orders with free shipping selected will incur a 10% restocking fee to help us cover the original shipping cost unless the item is defective or different from the advertisement. Any expedited shipping charges paid, including return shipping, are non-refundable. Items must be returned the way they were received, in new or like-new condition, with all pieces, documentation, and retail packaging (if applicable) included. For bulk purchases, see our bulk purchase return policy here.

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ricardo ortiz
Great service great products thanks, Rokland

Great service great products thanks, Rokland
I give them five stars!

Nice little adapter

Still working after 9 months. It can reach access points up to 2 blocks away, pretty good reception. In home, it is solid but with occasional hiccups where you need to physically re-insert usb to get wifi to come back. That is the only con but that happens rarely. All devices have their problems, so i would definitely recommend this product. Construction is also good - plastic isnt super thick but provides structure.

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