Alfa AWUS036NH USB Adapter + 16 dBi Yagi antenna + 5m CFD-200 extension cable


This deal includes (1x) Alfa AWUS036NH v2 USB Wi-Fi adapter, (1x) 16 dBi gain outdoor directional yagi antenna, and (1x) 16-foot CFD-200 shielded antenna extension cable to go between the Wi-Fi adapter and antenna. The Alfa AWUS036NH is new in retail box with USB cable and 5 dBi gain factory antenna. Here are some more details about each item. You can click the boldface titles below be taken to the individual product page for each item in case you need to purchase one of the items individually.

Alfa AWUS036NH USB adapter:

New in retail box with a stunning 2000mW of RF output power. This is 802.11n compatible. Because this is a USB adapter, it works on any computer (desktop or laptop) that has a USB port. This is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8/8.1, Windows 10, and Linux (kernel 2.6.6 and later). That being said, we should note that our technical staff can only provide advanced support for Windows operating systems. Linux is a community supported operating system so please refer to online Linux forums for Linux help.

16 dBi outdoor Wi-Fi yagi directional antenna:

This is a 16 unit directional yagi antenna with RP-SMA antenna connector. It comes with mounting equipment and is 23 inches long. This antenna is ideal for outdoor mounting. Directional antennas concentrate gain in one particular direction and can do a better job at piercing obstacles in a particular direction, providing you with better distance and signal. Note that the antenna should be mounted in an outward direction so the length of the antenna is parallel to the ground. You do not want to have the antenna pointing directly upward or downward, as that will negatively impact performance. Because of the way these antennas are designed, we do not recommend using them indoors. The yagi antenna should have some open area between it and the very first obstacle between the antenna and the source AP. If you place the yagi right up against an obstacle, that will also negatively impact performance. A trial-and-error process may be necessary to determine the optimal location and position.

5m (16') CFD-200 RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female antenna extension cable:

This is a low-loss RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female extension cable with CFD-200 shielding. The cable is 5m long (~16 feet) and has an RP-SMA male connector on one end (which is used to connect to devices such as PCI and USB wireless adapters that have RP-SMA antenna ports on them) and a RP-SMA female connector on the other end (this would be the end to which you would connect an RP-SMA antenna). We recommend this extension cable compared to some others online because this has a special low-loss cable. What does this mean? The antenna to which you will connect this has a gain. Let's say for example you will be connecting this to a 9 dBi gain antenna. As the cable in between the antenna and adapter gets longer, you will experience cable loss, which is a drop in the signal gain of the antenna. With low quality extension cables, the huge drop in gain will mean a much lesser range. Our special low loss CFD-200 shielded cable limits the cable loss factor.

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