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RAK Wireless RAKBox-B2 Enclosure with solar panel PID: 910013


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  • RAKBox-B2 Enclosure with Solar Panel is rated IP67 for outdoor Industrial IoT Application matching WisBlock form factor board.

    Mechanical Characteristics

    • Dimensions W x L x H: 95mm x 65mm x 58mm
    • Weight: approximately 7.45oz (211.2g)
    • Material thickness: 3mm
    • Pole and wall-mounting: 60~75mm pole diameter
    • Logo customization possibility
    • Support opening as required.

    Board Support

    Support the WisBlock form factor board, the detailed matched WisBlock modules include the following:

    • WisBlock Base RAK19007
    • WisBlock Core RAK4631
    • WisBlock Wireless RAK2305
    • WisBlock Wireless RAK5860
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1901
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1902
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1904
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1906
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1910
    • WisBlock Interface RAK5801
    • WisBlock Interface RAK5802
    • WisBlock Interface RAK5811
    • WisBlock Interface RAK5804

    Package Inclusion

    • Enclosure
    • Solar Panel
    • Internal mounting plates
    • Wall mount bracket
    • Pole mount accessory
    • 2 x Plugs
    • Assembly screws and standoffs
    • Mounting screws


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