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Rokland Bandpass Filter for US915 Helium Miners & Hotspots - Reduce signal interference


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Bandpass filters reduce signal interference, especially if you are near an LTE transmitter. Bandpass filters are frequency-specific and the Rokland Bandpass filter is for the 900-930 MHz range.

Designed for the Helium network, compatible with all 900-930 MHz frequency range IoT devices, requires RP-SMA connection.

How long to test a filter?

The Rokland bandpass filter uses RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female connectors which allows you to directly attach the bandpass filter to your Helium miner. Other bandpass filters commonly use SMA connectors requiring an additional two barrel adapters and thus greatly increasing dB loss.

Bandpass filters do not boost range. In fact, they do have an insertion loss of around 2.5 dB, which can reduce the overall range a small amount. We recommend filters for areas where your range is good, but there is a heavy concentration of RF signals in the area. This can help "clean" or reduce the area of noise surrounding your miner.

Because of the dB loss, we recommend avoiding the use of window cables, lightning arrestors, or barrel converters when using a bandpass filter. We recommend putting directly between a miner and factory antenna, or a miner and one coaxial cable that goes to an outdoor antenna.

When testing the bandpass filter a time period of one week should be used to establish enough data to determine if a filter is beneficial for your setup. 

Lumped Element

VSWR: ≤ 1.8
Stopband Attenuation: Min ≥40dB @ DC-800 MHz /Max ≥40dB @ 1160 MHz
Power Rating: ≤ 1W
Operating Temp: -30C to 70C

Storage Temp: -40C to 81C

Designed for direct connection to an RP-SMA Helium miner. For outdoor use it can withstand up to 177 degrees but will need to be weatherproofed using RokTape or other waterproof tape around both connection areas or outdoor casing. 

Warranty & Support:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Witnessed improved.

This cleaned up my beacons and witnessing have improved. DB was affected and range but added with a amp helped me out dramatically.

Mark Gillenberger
This absolutely solved my problem!!

My Bobcat miner went from 1 or 2 Witnessed to between 30 to 40! I did testing with and without the lightning protection, I did not see a significant difference and decided to keep it inline. Good luck!

Bobcat 300 this did the trick!

If you are getting good Beacon reports but have few Witnesses you are most likely getting interference from nearby cell tower. I went from 0 or 2 Witnesses to 9 in the 1st 12 hours. I left in my lightning protector. I don’t think it’s worth the risk for .5 dB insertion loss. Hope this review helps.

Hans Brown
Unknown results

The rewards keep going down so it's hard to tell whether this thing is making a difference or not.

Garan Keeler
Not sealed for outdoor use but worked well

Slathered the door seam and screws in silicon. Will see how it holds up.