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How to spot counterfeit ALFA AOA-915-5ACM antennas

How to spot counterfeit ALFA AOA-915-5ACM antennas

The ALFA AOA-915-5ACM 915 Mhz antenna has been one of the most in-demand antennas for Helium and Meshtastic going back to 2021 for good reason. It is a high quailty and well tuned antenna- as long as you are getting a genuine unit.

Recently we discovered low quality knock-offs are coming from China. These antennas have nearly identical housing, but have a very wide spectrum tune with poor SWR at most frequencies. Performance does not compare to a genuine unit.
ALFA antennas are made in Taiwan and they do not distribute to China.  

How to ensure you are getting a genuine unit?

The easiest way is to buy from an authorized ALFA Network distributor like Rokland. We source only from ALFA Network direct. If you buy elsewhere, check to make sure the unit is not sourced from China. Because ALFA does not distribute there, there's almost a 100% chance it's a fake if it says located in China like this eBay listing:

Be wary of advertisements that only reference the model number and claim the antenna is unbranded. These listings are using the ALFA model number to funnel buyers to their page and confuse them into thinking it is an ALFA product.

If buying elsewhere, confirm directly with to ensure the seller is an authorized dealer. Other reseller companies could be buying from the China sellers not aware they are counterfeit, and advertising them as genuine.

This recent dump of counterfeits has resulted in some people posting online that this ALFA model has poor results for SWR in the 900 Mhz range, but that is not so. ALFA Network tunes their antennas to spec and uses an Agilent Spectrum Analyzer to confirm advertised results. 

What is Rokland doing to combat counterfeits?

We work with marketplaces to get these listings removed, but it is a tough process. The counterfeiters know the tricks and have more accounts and listings ready to go when accounts are suspended and listings are taken off. In some cases if the seller users only the model number, eBay may refuse to remove it claiming model numbers can't be trademarked or may require we buy a sample to verify. The best resource we have is information- so help share this online and discord and make sure you and others in the community are sourcing genuine components!

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