Mac Meshtastic RAK4631 Firmware Flashing (Drag&Drop/Copy&Paste Method)

Check the serial driver is working (Most MacOS should already have the UF2/serial drivers)


Install serial driver if device is not properly displaying by following the steps at this link HERE


Download the firmware packs here (Latest as of 6MAR2024):
Latest Beta (Stable)- Download Stable
Latest Alpha- Download Alpha

Double tap reset to enter Bootloader/DFU mode
bootloader mode

RAK4631 will appear as a drive on your desktop

Open the RAK4631 drive and there should be 3 files within.

RAK4631 drive

Next open the firmware pack that we downloaded earlier and locate the RAK4631.uf2 firmware

Copy the uf2 firmware file and paste it on to the RAK4631 drive

Once complete it will likely say the device was not ejected properly, that is ok.

Open the Meshtastic app on your iPhone and connect to the RAK4631

For more information on this method you can visit Meshtastic website HERE.