Setting up CLI for Meshtastic on your Mac

For more information on setting up CLI on your Mac visit the Meshtastic website here:

First open Terminal on your Mac, it is usually located in launchpad —> Other —> Terminal

Once Terminal is open run the following command to check if python is already installed or what version of python is installed:
python3 -V

python install

*** Python version 3.4 or greater will be required. It may ask to to download additional requirements, agree and let the requirements download before continuing.***

Next check that pip3 is installed using the following command (it is usually included in python already):
pip3 -V

pip3 install

Next use the following command to install pytap2:
sudo pip3 install --upgrade pytap2

Next use the following command to install Meshtastic:
sudo pip3 install --upgrade meshtastic