RAKwireless WisMesh Pocket Tracker

wishmesh-tracker (4).gif__PID:c88884fc-fd81-4644-bcfe-2245f2d76c07

We are excited to announce RAKwireless WisMesh Pocket batch 1 production is complete and batches have now been delivered to Rokland! 

Update July 8th- we have shipped 75% of preorders and are waiting on the last production shipment from RAKwireless. We expected to have it at the end of last week but it has not arrived yet. Based on this, the final preorders should ship within the next week.

Why did other preorders ship before mine?

We get this question a lot- we are shipping in order of first order placed to last. We have no VIP system and appreciate all of our customers.

Update June 13th- We expect production to wrap up between June 21st-24th and then the shipment to Rokland will take place

Update June 17th- we are excited to announce the first shipment will depart RAK for Rokland June 18th, with all units being shipped out of RAK factory by June 26th. 

Update June 21st- RAKwireless WisMesh Pocket is on the way to Rokland from the RAKwireless factory!!! We are going with rolling shipments as product is complete instead of saving all hardware for a June 26th shipment to us, which will also help our Gainesville, FL staff package orders to you sooner!

Update June 29th- Shipment batches from RAKwireless have started to arrive here and we are turning them around to customers as fast as possible. We will be receiving more during this week and hope to have all preorder sets shipped by July 8th.

Please note the original advertised estimate of mid June was always stressed as an estimate, because a product of this nature can encounter unexpected delays during design, production, and transit.

While we always welcome inquiries, if you reach out to ask what day your preorder will ship our staff may not know the exact day for your specific order. Also, if you wish to cancel a preorder, we may be unable to accomodate if packaging has already begun for your tier, due to high volume. However the order could be returned if not needed.

Preorder Update

Preorders are currently closed so we can ensure production and fulfillment as fast as possible for those who have already ordered. The next batch of preorders will open later in July so our team can focus on shipping existing preorders and get a more clear picture on production lead times for batch 2.