LILYGO T-Echo page is currently password protected due to a live presale for preregistered customers. Please check back soon.

This page is currently password protected due to a live presale for preregistered customers. Please check back soon. 

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Why buy on Rokland?

Why buy on Rokland?

Free shipping with no minimum buy

At Rokland, all products on our site ship free every day, with no minimum like $35.00, and no $99.00 yearly subscription for the privilege. The price you see for the item is what you pay, and many of our items have quantity discount boxes on the item page starting at just two pieces, so you can save if you need multiple units.

Low price guarantee

Our sales staff checks on a weekly basis to ensure we offer the lowest prices available online. If you see a price including shipping from another authorized retailer for the identical part, just let us know and we can match the price (quantity restrictions may apply).

In-house customer support, located in the USA

In a recent online survey, one of the most frustrating parts of buying from online big box retailers was a lack of dedicated customer support. Survey takers cited runarounds as the biggest issue. When you want help you don't want to email the big box site to be told to call the retailer to then be told by the retailer to call the manufacturer, to then call and get an overseas call center representative who has never even used the product you are calling about. At Rokland, our techs have used all of our products, and all work out of our Gainesville, Florida office. When we don't know the answer, we will find out for you. We have a selection of online guides and videos to help you, as well as e-mail and phone support.

Replacement or Refund guarantee

If you have a problem with a purchase, we will replace or refund it with the advertised return period, your choice. Almost all Alfa brand products on our site come with a full 1-year warranty (unless otherwise specified) and that warranty is handled in the USA for our US buyers. Some big box cites do not give you a choice or have shorter return policies like 14 days. We understand you need time to test a product and make sure it suits your needs.
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