September 09, 2021

Understanding Coaxial Cable Terms: LMR. RFC, CFD, Oh My!

Coaxial cable terms like LMR-400 and RFC-400 can be easily understood by knowing what the letters and numbers mean. The letters indicate the cable manufacturer, whereas the numbers refer to the shielding grade. From the numbers, we can determine how much dB loss a cable has.

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August 28, 2021

August Updates: ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3, Helium Antenna backorders, and our giveaway...

The great Adam Duritz said it's been a long December, well it's been a long summer, and there's reason to believe, that this fall is going to be better than the last! We have a lot going on here at Rokland Technologies and it's past time for some updates...

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August 12, 2021

How to get the MAC address/MAC ID for your RAK 2 Helium Miner

Need the MAC address/MAC ID of your RAK 2 Helium miner for port forwarding purposes? It is as easy as pairing to the miner in the Helium app and going to Diagnostics. See our instructional graphic.

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