Product Spotlight: Alfa AWUS036ACH

A question we often get asked is "what product provide the best combo of range and speed for newer 802.11ac routers?" The answer is Alfa's AWUS036ACH. With power close to the max allowable by the FCC for dual band radios, it gets great range.

And with two 5 dBi dual band antennas, you get two separate transmit and receive streams that can provide fast connection speeds on both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks.

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November 13, 2019

Safe shopping 101: How to spot a fake E-commerce site

With fake e-commerce web sites popping up everywhere, we take a look at how smart shoppers can safely navigate the ecommerce world and still get good deals.

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November 08, 2019

A new shipping cutoff time and expanded FedEx 2 Day service

The holiday season is about to kick into full gear, and here at Rokland we are doing some things to improve your shopping experience, including our new 5PM EST cutoff time for getting packages out the door the same day, as well as expanded FedEx low cost 2-day shipping. 

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