October 10, 2021

PSA: Take care of your Helium miner coaxial cable!

Tightly coiled coax cable may already be damaged or could become damaged soon. It is important to coil 400 grade coax in a circular fashion that does not put stress on the internal copper coated aluminum conductor.

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October 01, 2021

Stay on top of Helium Network & Miner Specific Issues with our New Alert System

Visit our new Helium Network and Miner Status page for the latest on issues with the Helium network. You can always visit https://status.helium.com for the latest on Helium network issues and the blockchain. However, with tens of thousands of Rokland antennas deployed across the country, our phone and chat support staff are in a unique position to identify and post about other types of issues not on the Helium status page. 

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September 21, 2021

Understanding Helium Antennas

How does antenna size correlate to gain?

Antenna gain does have a correlation to size to some degree, but gain is not a unit of measurement. Therefore, antennas that have the same gain do not have to be the same height, and a higher gain antenna can be larger than a lower gain antenna.

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