Military & First Responder Discounts available through VerifyPass

Military & First Responder Discounts available through VerifyPass

November 13, 2023

Military members, First Responders, and non-profit workers are now eligible for a discount on and a variety of other web sites by registering here, absolutely free.

Registration is completed by VerifyPass, which requires a one-time verification process, and then you are eligible for discounts on a multitude of websites including, Universal Studios, AMC, and more.

Verify once, then for future purchases you need only sign in to quickly obtain a new discount code. This verification process helps us ensure that this special discount goes to our service women and men, first responders, and non-profit workers as intended.

VerifyPass FAQ

1. What type of information is needed and does it cost anything?

Military members can become verified simply by signing up using a .mil email address. There are other ways of verification also. The service is completely free. 

2. I placed an order in the past, is the discount retroactive?

We are rolling out this program on November 10, 2023. Once enrolled, you may qualify for one single-use discount code every 24 hours. The discount cannot be applied to past orders.

3. Why do I need to go through the verification process?

It helps us ensure that discounts go to our service women and men, first responders, and non-profit workers as intended. However, if you are having difficulty becoming verified, jump into our live chat or email us and we may be able to complete verification for discounts

4. What are the benefits?

If you are a military member or veteran, first responder, or non-profit worker, once you are verified with VerifyPass you become eligible for discounts across a variety of websites, including, Sams Club, Universal Studios, AMC, and more. Visit the VerifyPass website to see other companies with eligible discount offers. VerifyPass is one verification process to get discounts across multiple sites.

5. Can the code be combined with other codes on

We have a special coupon page on Rokland with monthly deals. The Military/First Responder discount code will not apply on top of existing deals but can be used instead if the savings are greater for you.

6. What about student discounts

We have not rolled out academic discounts yet, however, academic institutions or professors may contact us to request a discount on a case-by-case basis. 

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