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Installing Alfa AWUS036H on a Windows 8 Pro laptop

Installing Alfa AWUS036H on a Windows 8 Pro laptop

(Update July 6, 2015: it appears Microsoft's online database now includes the latest INF file for this device which is from Realtek from 12/2009. So you may not need to go through the manual process outlined in the video. Try the following process first, then try the video if no luck: You must be connected to Internet first through internal Wi-Fi or Ethernet for this to work. Go to Device Manager, go to Other section, and right click "RT81787" device, and select Update Driver. Then select "Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software". Allow wizard to finish. Note this process will not work if you do not have Internet access through your internal Wi-Fi card or built-in Ethernet when doing it.)

We have tested the Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW long range WiFi USB adapter on Windows 8. There is also a range comparison to the on-board WiFi card at the end.

On our Toshiba notebook, it was plug and play, no driver needed. In this video we also show how to install the driver manually in case it is not plug and play for you (for this part, expand the video window or put in full screen mode to see on-screen text clearly). There is no official Windows 8 driver for this product yet, so this video details how to install using the Windows 7 driver. The Alfa Client Utility program is not currently compatible, but you can use the Windows 8 Connection Manager to scan for and connect to networks. Let us know in the comments section below if installation was also plug and play for you.

Update 11/15/2013: No video? No problem. Click here to see an online Windows 8 driver install guide for AWUS036H from Alfa Network, Inc. Note that this guide pertains to any Realtek RTL8187L based device from Alfa including AWUS036EW, UBDo-gt8, and Tube-U(G).

Update 7/13/2014: Several buyers have referenced they had an easier time doing the install by taking these steps:

1. Computer must already be connected to Internet using internal WiFi, then plug in AWUS036H adapter
2. Press Windows key + X key on Windows 8 desktop screen and select "Device Manager" from the popup menu
3. Under Network Adapters, click this device once to highlight, then right-click and select Update Driver Software
4. Cick "Search Automatically for updated driver software

This may not work for everyone.

Update 3/19/2016: Our staff and some customers have found that the above process also works for many Windows 10 PCs. Some customers have not had success so this should be seen as a possible solution and not a guarantee of Windows 10 compatibility.

20 comments on Installing Alfa AWUS036H on a Windows 8 Pro laptop
  • Brett

    I just did the plug and play on my 8.1 Lenovo an so far no problems. We will wait and see how long the connection lasts in a place I have problems w/ it staying on.

    March 20, 2014
  • Jim

    I have 64 bit dell desktop running win 8.1, just plugged the AWUS036H into USB port and in about 10 seconds it connected to net. Couldn’t have been easier.

    February 15, 2014
  • Ajmal

    i have a very big problem.plz… can anyone help me.
    my alfa wifi adapter shows all the wifi networks , mine also , but when i enter password it shows like its connecting but it doesnt connect.

    August 29, 2013
  • David Martin
    David Martin

    My AWUS036H worked plug and play on my ASUS laptop. No need to watch your video or use the installation disk.

    July 03, 2013
  • Duane Florschuetz
    Duane Florschuetz

    Thanks for the video guide that I went searching for after the installation disk told me my Win 8 system was not supported. Successfully installed AWUSO36H and is working well after disabling the internal adapter. Your step by step details were very helpful.

    June 07, 2013
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