New- review and rate your purchase!

August 19, 2011

This Friday we rolled out a new feature on our site- the ability to review and rate items you have purchased. We had this feature on our old site, and have ported many of those reviews to our new site (yes, even one that did not get five stars). On each item page, you can scroll below the item description to see reviews and ratings left by other buyers. You can also leave your own review. We test all of the product models we carry to make sure the items we carry are the best on the market. But we appreciate honest reviews so we know how our customers feel about products we carry.

If you ever have trouble getting an item to work, please contact our support department for assistance. Of course you can discuss technical problems in your review, but Rokland staff does not monitor reviews daily, so contacting our support department directly will ensure you get quick assistance.

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