Weather advisory: shipping transit delays possible

January 25, 2016

Severe winter weather throughout the United States this past weekend has shut down many Post Office sorting facilities and air/truck routes. Even if you do not live in an area directly affected by winter weather, there is a good chance the path your package will take to get to you was affected. Therefore kindly allow an extra 2-4 days on top of your estimated delivery period to receive standard and Priority Mail shipments.

At Rokland we do not have any additional details on package whereabouts other than the tracking information shown on the US Postal web site. When we call the Post Office, their agents read us the latest tracking information shown on the US Postal web site. The only person who knows exactly where a package is at any given time is the US Postal Sorcerer, but he lives way up in the mountains and, as you would assume, is unreachable this week due to severe winter weather.

If your package has shown no tracking update after one week of mailing, please contact us.

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