ALFA 4G-Camp Pro 2+ 4G signal booster: Getting Compatible Service and Understanding MVNO carriers

April 05, 2021

In this special podcast-style video, we cover everything you need to know about getting a dedicated line of service and separate SIM card for your new ALFA 4G-Camp Pro 2+.

The ALFA 4G-Camp Pro 2+ boosts reception of cellular data from a carrier like Verizon or T-Mobile and then shares that data with nearby WiFi enabled devices like smart phones, smart TVs, laptops and tablets. You will want to have a dedicated line of service and SIM card for your ALFA 4G-Camp Pro 2+ so you don’t lose the ability to receive and send texts and calls from your primary cell phone.  

Many customers have asked if the 4G Camp Pro will work on MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) that run off of the towers of major cell service providers. For a full explanation make sure to watch the video, but in short the 4G Camp Pro 2+ will work with:

Verizon: prepaid and postpaid plans
T-Mobile: prepaid and postpaid plans
AT&T: ONLY postpaid (not prepaid) plans
Mint Mobile

As always, if you have questions about carrier compatibility just reach out and we can confirm if your carrier will work and help you find alternate service if necessary.

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