Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2 coming soon: what you need to know

February 05, 2020

With the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2 launch right around the corner, here are some things you want to know before making the decision to buy. First, if you are not already familiar with our ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2, we put together a video explaining the difference between WiFi and 4G.

If you are looking to boost WiFi reception at campgrounds, the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 is the kit you need. Also note the ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2 kit boosts signal to 4G data, but does not affect signal reception for voice calls or SMS text message.

If you are looking to boost 4G data reception from your cellular provider, let's discuss what options you have when it comes to getting 4G service for your kit.

The ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2 requires you have a compatible SIM card with a carrier like Verizon or AT&T.

You must purchase service from a carrier and *already* have an activated SIM card to put inside your ALFA 4G device.

Because the ALFA 4G devices are not made by the carriers themselves, if you try to order new service in a store and give them the IMEI of your ALFA 4G device, they will not be able to activate service for you. While you can use your phone’s existing activated SIM card inside ALFA 4G devices, this means you will not be able to receive calls. Therefore we recommend getting a separate line for your ALFA 4G device. When ordering online at a compatible carrier, if you are prompted for an automated IMEI check to verify compatibility, use your phone's IMEI or contact us for a temporary one.

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