ALFA AWUS036ACHM is here: long range 802.11ac WiFi power at a low cost + a Youtube guide to Monitor mode

January 17, 2021

We can all believe a collective sigh of relief that 2021 is finally here. And with the new year, we begin to roll out some new products.

The AWUS036ACHM from ALFA Network is an extremely cool product. As we begin to phase out some of our older single antenna 802.11n products, we are replacing them with new products with 802.11ac chipsets and high power amplifiers. The AWUS036ACHM is a single antenna AC600 WiFi USB adapter with high power and a focus on fast throughput speed. Coming soon we will have a range and speed test video for you showing how it performs vs. the single antenna AWUS036NH, which was long ALFA's flagship WiFi receiver in the 2010s. 

It features the Mediatek MT7610U, and the good news for Linux users is the product supports monitor mode and injection. But it will be in managed mode by default. So head over to our Youtube video to see how to easily put it in monitor mode. 

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