ALFA Network & Rokland Announce Carbon Neutral Black Friday Shopping!

November 13, 2020

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, delivery on all orders placed through our online store will be carbon neutral.

What does this mean? The most simple definition comes from "emissions an entity (business, organization, individual, product, or service) produces are been “balanced” by funding the equal amount of savings elsewhere in the world."

We know that having easy, safe alternatives to in-store shopping is more important than ever this holiday season. We also know that shipping emissions contribute to climate change, and we are doing our best to help reduce our impact. It is our hope that one day this practice will be as common as recycling.

So we are offsetting the shipping emissions of every order placed on our store between November 27-30. Whether you’re across the city or on the other side of the globe, carbon offset costs will be completely covered, at no cost to you.

We appreciate your support and loyalty, and wish you a happy holiday season.

Happy shopping and stay safe!

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