All Helium hotspots being turned into light hotspots this April- what it means to you...

April 05, 2022

For a while the Helium community knew all hotspots would eventually become light hotspots- news earlier this year was it would begin in April, and April is here.

Recent information from Helium suggests this process will take place over the next couple of weeks, beginning April 6th.

Hotspots will become "light hotspots" via a software update rolled out by your miner manufacturer over the Internet. The change to a light hotspot means you no longer have to worry about relaying or synching, nor will you have to worry about SD card issues either. Just make sure your miner is connected to the Internet. 

You do not need to buy new hardware, your miner is capable of becoming a full light hotspot. Because miners will now use far fewer resources, in time miner manufacturers can produce cheaper miners. This may result in lower cost miners down the road, but that will still be some time. You will not, however, need to change out your miner. 

So worry not, you do not need to take any action, however you can follow us on Twitter for updates in the event any kinks in the light hotspot roll out occur. Happy mining! For additional information, see this video from HeliumHub:


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