August update: chat with us, new videos for ALFA Tube-2HP, and more

August 27, 2020

We hope everyone is having as good a summer as possible under COVID-19 circumstances. We've been keeping busy here at Rokland Technologies this month.

We are experimenting with a new sales and support chat feature. Look for this icon on the bottom right corner of our web pages:

Our chat app will be open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM just like our phone lines. You can chat with us about any sales or support related issues. You will be talking with actual Rokland employees, not a separate 3rd party site or bot. Please remember our staff needs time to text replies back to you, so it may be a little slower to use chat than call by phone.

But we think this feature will still be a very useful way for you to get quick assistance with a product or purchase related question.

We are also beefing up our YouTube lineup. Earlier this month we announced the launch of our ALFA Express TV series, which are short videos highlighting a specific feature or how-to related to a given product. We have also put up some tutorials on our ALFA Tube-2HP PoE AP/CPE, which can be used as a Wi-Fi receiver or transmitter. See them, and our ALFA Express videos, at

We continue with normal business hours despite COVID restrictions. We continue to maintain a safe and clean place for our employees. We hope you enjoy the rest of summer, and here's hoping things look up for everyone in the fall. 

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