Helium Antennas: US915 MHz vs. AU915 MHz- is there a difference?

February 01, 2022

If you are in Australia or Brazil, or another country using the AU915 MHz frequency for Helium mining, you may wonder if you can get a US915 MHz miner and/or antenna?

The short answer is no for the miner, but YES for an antenna.

The differences between US915 MHz and AU915MHz have to do with regulations about how the LoRa radios inside the miners can operate within the nearby frequency range (for full details click here). So there is a difference in the miner hardware- miners and other LoRa devices manufactured to operate under US915 MHz regulations are not allowed in Australia or Brazil, and may not function correctly with AU915 MHz devices there. 

For the antennas however, what matters is the frequency range. LoRa products default between 902 and 928 MHz in the US, and between 915 and 928 MHz in Australia. Therefore our Rokland antennas, which have a frequency range of at least 902-928 MHz (and in some cases wider), will operate on BOTH US915 & AU915 miners. Our antennas are safe to import and use in Australia, Brazil, and any other place that adopts the US915 or AU915 standard. If importing, be sure to declare your import as an antenna, and not a radio which may subject it to irrelevant restrictions.

Need assistance importing to Australia or Brazil? Contact our support using our site menu.

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