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Hurricane Matthew: what you can do to help Florida businesses

Hurricane Matthew: what you can do to help Florida businesses

The most dangerous Hurricane to hit the east coast of Florida in decades is approaching. Our company, Rokland Technologies, is located in Gainesville, FL. As of this posting it is unclear how much our area may be affected. But your interaction with Florida businesses will be impacted, and here is what you can do to help.

Why we are closing Friday

Our company and many other companies in Florida will be closed Friday October 7th. While it may seem like it is nice to have a day off, in fact many residents will be evacuating, while others will be concerned about family and friends. We have decided to close even if the storm is not as bad as expected in order to keep our employees off of local roads so emergency and utility vehicles have an easier time navigating. Because of office closures, you may be getting a voice mail box, or email replies may take some time. We understand this can be frustrating especially if there is a technical issue with your order or you need to place an urgent order. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

Expect order status delays

When it comes to order status, this is understandably the big question many of you will have. Your order should have a tracking number attached to it. If your order was placed Thursday afternoon or later, it may not ship until Tuesday October 11th, because Post Offices are closed Monday for Columbus Day. You can cancel orders with us if they have not yet shipped. If your tracking number shows the item has not moved from a Florida location for several days, it is likely due to Post Office back log.

Please wait at least 10 days to report a package lost

If your package has not arrived within 10 days of mailing and tracking last shows it is in Florida, please contact us so we can file a claim and replace your package or refund your money.

Thank you for your consideration and we will do our best to resume normal customer service via phone and email as quickly as possible after the storm passes.

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