Introducing ALFA Express TV

August 11, 2020

Our goal at Rokland is to get you the most pertinent sales and support information we can on our ALFA Network products. To that end, today we are launching a new YouTube series called "ALFA Express TV", a series of videos designed to help you become more familiar with each item we sell. 

Whether you want to see how a product hooks up before you buy it, get more specs on a WiFi adapter, or you have already purchased a product and need assistance with the assembly, ALFA Express TV episodes will show you what you need.

Filmed on location at our Gainesville, Florida office, our staff will keep the videos short and free of marketing jargon, to give you just the information and assistance you need.

Check out out first episode today which show how to connect the USB cable and antenna to the ALFA Tube-U(N) and Tube-UNA Wi-Fi adapters. 

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