Looking for "Made in the USA" products? Here's what you should know...

June 18, 2020

In today's environment, more individuals and companies are looking to source electronics made in the USA. This can be difficult, if not impossible. The few parts that are made here can be extremely expensive. And the fact is, most types of electronics aren't manufactured here at all because of economies of scale- the cost to invest in factories here for example would require prices to be so high, a manufacturer could not be competitive.

But that doesn't mean "Made in China" is the answer either. Rokland Technologies is an distributor of ALFA Network Inc. products and components. ALFA Network is located in Taiwan, which is very different from China.

TAA Compliance

Taiwan is a TAA compliant country. This means the US government has vetted Taiwanese manufacturers, and also has trade agreements in place which bring and keep jobs here in the USA. When you are purchasing a "Made in Taiwan" item, you are helping keep US jobs, because Taiwan must also import a good amount of products made here in the USA. They rely on our imports to be able to import products from us. It is a win-win system that creates jobs in both countries.

TAA compliance is also requirement for US government and military. Our military has vetted TAA complaint countries to be sure the latest security standards are used in products exported. If it is good and secure enough for the US military, you can be assured it will be safe and secure in your home, with your information. Rokland is a TAA compliant provider of WiFi and networking products that can fill your government, corporate, military, or educational order.

Rokland is an ALFA Network brand partner

Our company partners with ALFA to develop and manufacture products, and we employ a staff here in Gainesville, Florida. Similar to how an automaker has plants here in the USA, our partnership with ALFA Network means we can give better products and prices to US buyers, while creating jobs here in the USA.

When you need WiFi components or networking products, Rokland Technologies can provide you with the TAA compliant solutions you need while ensuring jobs stay here in the USA.

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