LoRaWAN: difference between SX1262 and SX1276

January 31, 2023

The SX1262 and SX1276 are both low-power long-range wireless modules. The SX1262 is an ideal choice for low power applications that require long-range wireless data transmission. It supports a maximum data rate of 300 kbps over distances of up to 15 km. It also features a low power consumption of 6 mA, a high sensitivity of -148 dBm and configurable preamble length. Its working frequency range is 150~960MHz, and it can transmit at up to 22 dBm. 

The SX1276 is a higher end module than the SX1262 and features a maximum data rate of 100 kbps and a slightly higher power consumption of 10 mA. It also has a higher sensitivity of -142 dBm, but at a slightly shorter distance of 10 km. The SX1276 also supports a configurable preamble length and has a better signal-to-noise ratio. Its working frequency range is 868/915 MHz, and it can transmit up to 20 dBm. 

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