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Meet RokBot: the new Rokland mascot

Meet RokBot: the new Rokland mascot

We've kept out logo constant for almost 15 years, but recently we decided it was time for a change. No focus groups, no expensive advertising agencies consulted- we just wanted to add some fun to our logo because so many things about development and technology are exactly that: fun.

Meet RokBot, the Rokland robot. We've kept our same classic R icon logo, with some added depth for dimension, and you'll see RokBot popping out from behind. Thanks for helping us make developing and building fun, and we hope RokBot adds a little color to your shopping experience. Will he pop up randomly like Clippy every time you try and do anything on the site? No, we promise he won't do that. But he may make appearances in product tutorial videos and in documentation. Stay tuned...

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