Possible UPS Strike- what you need to know (updated July 28th)

July 19, 2023

Update 7/28: UPS and workers have reached an agreement which appears will prevent any strike. Shipping operations should proceed as normal.

As of the July 19th, 2023 publication of this article, it appears UPS workers may go on strike on August 1st. It is unknown how long a strike may last. If a strike occurs, these things will happen:

  • All shipments in the UPS system will cease moving until the strike is over
  • FedEx, US Postal Service, and DHL will face unusually high volume increases that they have already said they won't be able to easily absorb
  • this will result in shipping transit time delays for these other carriers

What we plan to do at Rokland for our customers

We will continue to offer all shipping options, however as of July 24th, packages will be redirected to a competing service at FedEx. For example, a UPS 2 Day Air shipping selection will be sent via FedEx 2 Day Air.

We will discontinue transit time guarantee refunds because the carriers are suspending them. This means an overnight package would not qualify for a shipping refund if not delivered on time. We advise customers to not use expedited methods unless absolutely necessary, and understand they may not arrive in time.

It is important to note that FedEx and US Postal Service will still prioritize expedited shipping options over standard shipping options. Therefore selecting an expedited method will have the benefit of arriving faster than standard or ground because those methods will be delayed as well. However they may not be delivered on time and won't be subject to transit time guarantees.

We will make an efffort to notify expedited customers of this policy before shipping. Notification means a phone attempt (and voicemail if applicable) as well as an email. 

If a package is delayed, we will not be able to recall the package while in transit due to the additional strain it will place on the carriers. Customers must wait for delivery and we will provide a return label should an item no longer be needed.

We hope a strike does not happen, but have the above plan in place in case it does. 

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