PSA: Take care of your Helium miner coaxial cable!

October 10, 2021

We've recently seen antenna/coax packages popup on other websites with the 400 grade coaxial cable coiled very tight, like the photo below. We won't name any specific place as we aren't interested in disparaging any company working to build #ThePeoplesNetwork. In fact, we've reached out to those companies and sellers and urged them to coil their cables much wider, as they likely just don't know.

400 grade cable, whether LMR, RFC, or other brand, is very sensitive internally. The center copper coated aluminum conductor can easily wear and snap over short time if put under stress like this, or it may be damaged already out of box. It may not be logically obvious- after all, we coil vacuum cleaner cords tight light this every day. But 400 grade coax cable should not be coiled this tight. You may receive the cable and find it working, but its integrity may already be weakened, and after one or two uncoils it could become damaged and stop working.

For best practice, whenever storing or transferring cable to one location or other, we recommend coiling in a circular fashion that does not put much stress on the cable. If the coil is so tight that it immediately spreads wide open when you release your hands, the coil is to tight. 

Need a better bend ratio? If you need to go around a tight corner, you can look into 400 grade Super Flex or Ultra Flex cables. Our line is fully sold out as of publication due to raw materials shortage but we will have more in November of 2021. More expensive than traditional cables, they contain special flex shielding and copper internal wires that are stronger than copper coated aluminum. 

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