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Recapping CES 2020 with Alfa Network Inc.

Recapping CES 2020 with Alfa Network Inc.

Last week some of us at Rokland Technologies had the pleasure to attend CES 2020 in Las Vegas and spend time in the Alfa Network, Inc. booth. To anyone who has been before, the show encompasses so much space it goes beyond just the convention center. It is not hyperbole to say it appeared never-ending. With just four total days there, it wasn't possible to see everything and be at the booth to meet with potential clients as well. But we did see many new concepts, and we showed up with a bunch of our own. Here's what is coming in 2020 as we build on our CES visit:

More IoT

If you aren't familiar with the term IoT yet, chances are you are already using it. IoT encompasses technology that communicates over networks without user assistance. This can be your smartwatch telling your phone how many calories you just burned, or it can be your refrigerator adding eggs and milk to your virtual shopping cart because it detects you are getting low. Alfa is in the IoT game and ready for a big step forward in 2020. With premium miniature chipsets and advanced engineering know-how, Alfa is at the head of the IoT game. Some of their new circuit boards and chips were on display at CES.

More camping fun

Even when you want to get out camping and disconnect from the world a bit, it is also nice to be able to reconnect when you want.

Many of you are familiar with our Alfa WiFi Camp Pro line of WiFi extenders for RV and boaters. Soon we are launching a dual band version, as well as a 4G version compatible. We have new products coming in the category too, including a heavy duty outdoor suction cup mount system, and a portable motion-activated solar powered LED flood light to help keep your RV safe. Later in the year we plan to integrate new technologies in our WiFi systems that help detect motion and falls.

A number of cool things that are not in our wheelhouse

A robotic arm/machine that can stock retail shelves or take items off the shelf to package ecommerce orders. Self driving cars. A smart belt called Welt that can sense when you are about to fall and send you vibrations to a phone to alert you (think of the benefits to senior citizens). Fully automated homes that do the cleaning and grocery shopping for you, on your schedule. Pipes that sense when they are leaking, shutoff the water themselves, and notify your smartphone.

As I said at the onset, there was so much there it would take many chapters of writing to cover it all. But we enjoyed being there and we look forward to a great 2020 with our partner Alfa Network, Inc.



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