Rokland partners with Helium Hotspot Help (H3) Consulting

June 06, 2022

Need Helium or IoT network consulting?

Rokland Technologies has received accolades for top customer service, and we will always be here to answer your sales and support questions. If you need more detailed and individual consulting on building your Helium or IoT network, we have partnered with Helium Hotspot Help (h3) to offer you access to their services at special discount. 

Take an in-depth course on Helium staking. Or do an in-depth 30 minute call related to deploying a Helium miner.
  • What brand miner should you buy?
  • Miner troubleshooting
  • Helium Equipment Upgrade question
  • Curious if HNT mining is for you?
  • Anything else Helium-related
Or schedule a 1 hour course to plan a multi-hotspot setup
  • Provide assessment(s) for up to 3 locations on Helium Vision
  • H3 helps you create a customized & optimized deployment plan
  • Identify best location for miner installation & deployment (1 on-site location, completed via video call)
  • H3 guides you in ordering the correct & appropriate equipment
  • H3 remains a resource for you throughout your Helium journey

Learn more here, or go directly to the H3 web site here

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