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Rokland Technologies Stands with EcommerceBytes

Rokland Technologies Stands with EcommerceBytes

The news this week that the FBI has charged six former eBay executives with a campaign of harassment and intimidation against the small business blog EcommerceBytes was met with heavy hearts here at Rokland Technologies.

We been in business for 20 years, and for a good deal of that time we have relied on EcommerceBytes for important industry related news, because they cover in depth stories and topics not well covered even at mainstream business news sites.

What the operators of EcommerceBytes do- along with anyone else who contributes to their efforts- is the cornerstone of what makes our society run. Access to fair and honest news is an important part of how small businesses like ours are able to continue to compete and make good choices.

As marketplace sellers, and at times shareholders of eBay stock as well, we renounce in the strongest terms possible the behavior of the eBay executives in this case. Knowing that while small businesses like ours were paying significant fees for marketplace access and this is how the company was being run is unsettling enough, but learning in full detail the actions carried out by these executives against owners of a news blog was much more disturbing. We stand with EcommerceBytes and hope those charged are held fully accountable. We are glad to here that eBay has moved on from the employees involved and we sincerely hope standards are being put in place to ensure this never, ever happens again.

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